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What Is A Scribe?

The scribe is the emergency medicine physician’s immediate assistant.

The scribe works one to one with the physician to document the history, physical exam, and the differential diagnoses for each patient that the physician sees.

The scribe:

  • writes orders for lab work and imaging studies under the direction of the physician
  • makes sure that physician orders are carried out
  • presents all lab and imaging study results to the physician
  • documents lab and imaging study interpretations as well as EKG interpretations for the physician
  • documents medical procedures

By the end of the patient workup, the scribe has written the final diagnoses, after care plan, and prescription(s) as dictated and co-signed by the physician.

Scribes allow our emergency physicians to fulfill their mission of providing the highest quality of medical care in the most expeditious manner.

This is not a volunteer job. It is not just shadowing a physician. Scribes are compensated monetarily. However, the greatest reward is the unique learning experience to work at the level of a medical student.